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We provide thoughtful, confidential, family-centered help in a variety of fields that have affected your family and will continue to affect your family at least until your children are grown.  We help you avoid the arguments and frustration that come from trying to work through all these sometimes-contentious areas at home or in a courtroom if that becomes necessary.  

Neutral Financial Specialist: 

The financial settlement will in part determine the financial well-being of each party for many years to come. It is critical that it be soundly structured, especially if one party assumed more responsibility for the family’s finances. The guidance of a Neutral Financial Specialist will help with decisions made during the process of divorce that can have a huge impact throughout the rest of each parties’ life. The inclusion of a Neutral Financial Specialist is an integral and paramount part of collaborative cases, often saving the divorcing couple financial assets.


The Neutral Financial Specialist in a collaborative law case plays an invaluable role for the divorcing couple and is typically a seasoned financial professional with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CDFA™ (Certified Divorce Financial Advisor) or CFP® designations (Certified Financial Planner) with specialized training in the collaborative law process.


The Neutral Financial Specialist is an unbiased financial expert working for both parties – they will not be on your side or your spouse’s side. The overall role is to help the parties understand the finances to make informed decisions regarding the impact, short and long-term of proposed divorce settlements. The collaborative process allows for the parties to participate cooperatively regarding their financial questions and concerns.

The Neutral Financial Specialist can help the parties with:

  • Gathering and organizing financial documents.

  • Assisting in the identification of missing assets.

  • Developing realistic financial goals.

  • Reviewing tax returns for missing data with regard to investments and businesses.

  • Identifying financial issues specific to the case.

  • Preparing plans to meet current and future expenses for children.

  • Analyzing different options to resolve financial aspects of your case.

  • Managing financial expectations.

  • Providing specialized tax calculations and analysis of property division.

  • Identifying separate-property or other financial claims.

  • Helping develop settlement options.

Collaborative Coach 


A collaborative coach is a licensed mental health practitioner who is trained in working with adults/children, families and other types of relationships.  They provide expertise in conflict resolution and emotional counsel by embracing a neutral role in the collaborative process to find solutions that are specific, personal and unique to the individuals involved.


The roles are to guide and to coach the collaborative process by utilizing their ability to communicate, relate, manage and cope with the emotional, psychological and thought (logic and reason) components of conflicts or confrontations in a variety of relationships through:


  • creating a safe and trustful (consistent, predictable and reliable) environment by setting instructions, guidelines, structures and etc. to facilitate a willingness and readiness in a potential combative and difficult transaction in a private/transparent setting.

  • communicating verbally and nonverbally (i.e., presentation, body language), effectively, including to promote healthy and open dialogue between the involved participating individuals.

  • lowering conflicts, confrontations, or anxieties by improving on the level of awareness, insights and skills to foster an environment of hope for a respectful outcome.

  • identifying priorities, options or alternatives, thinking “outside the box” and navigating through possibilities to help and solve in an informed/educated procedure in the present.  As a result, develop and establish an agreement for the future challenges and concerns to begin the process of healing.

  • developing skills and plans for the transition and build of two households, including co-parenting, co-partnering, co-living, and etc., independently


Thus, the collaborative coach is committed, disciplined and dedicated to advocating the practice by utilizing collaboration, coordination, cooperation, and course of action in addressing the issues/concerns of the different types of relationships, including divorce.  


Family Law Practice

Family law includes relationship mediation or counseling to arrive at an efficient, fair and respectful resolution of issues, even if the best result for the good of all concerned ends up being divorce.


A Family Law practitioner helps to mediate legal, cultural and religious issues that often divide people when trying to come to sound resolutions of problems.  When children are involved, the frequently upsetting issues of child custody and support require

professional assistance to work through the details, both legal and emotional.  It is important that families understand the SC laws concerning separation and divorce and get assistance to work through the details of their situation, for the benefit of the entire family.

Child Specialist and

Guardian ad Litem


The SC Department of Administration offers the following information concerning the role of a Guardian ad Litem 


"Around the state of South Carolina, diverse and dedicated child advocates proudly proclaim, “I am for the child.” Caring individuals from a range of backgrounds lend their voices to speak up for the state’s most vulnerable children and commit their time to ensure each child they serve has a promising future. These volunteers are called Guardians ad Litem."


Guardians ad Litem get to know the child and everyone involved in the child’s life, including family, teachers, doctors, social workers and others. They gather information about the child and what the child needs providing a stable presence in a child’s life throughout the entire process. 

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