No one wants to go through the stress of separation, financial discord, or divorce, but if all else fails and you don't see ready solutions to your family's problems, we can help the whole family get through it with as little discomfort as possible.

You planned on having a happy future. 

You didn't plan on dealing with financial or relationship stressors. 

You planned to get married.

You didn't plan to get divorced. 


But now that you're at that juncture, there are decisions to be made ... decisions that could negatively affect the rest of your life, or allow you and your family to heal and move on knowing that you've planned for the best interest of everyone involved. 


SC Family Solutions began solely to assist families in navigating the crisis of divorce.  Our team is composed of professionals in the areas of finance, psychology, law, and child welfare.   We understand how divorce affects relationships and the future of even the most well-meaning families.   We know that financial ruin, child behavioral issues, and life-long animosity may result when all aspects of marriage dissolution are not considered.  Our collaborating South Carolina divorce consultants work to ensure that all the family members' concerns and their welfare are taken into consideration.

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